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Analyzing World Cup odds and betting tips is a hot topic among many people as the upcoming World Cup tournament attracts a large number of participants to various bookmakers. Here are some secrets to analyzing World Cup odds for each type of bet, as compiled by Falconbet:

1X2 Odds

  • The 1X2 odds, also known as the European odds, are a popular type of bet in football betting. This type of bet is straightforward, where participants choose one of three options: Win, Lose, or Draw. The 1X2 odds are suitable for beginners who are not experienced in betting.

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    According to experienced World Cup bettors, it is advisable to bet on a draw. Monitor the match until the 10th minute, then place a bet on a 0-0.5 handicap and gradually increase it. During the betting process, you can increase your winnings by placing combination bets when betting on European odds.

    Furthermore, when betting on 1X2 odds, it is important to research and gather detailed information about the upcoming match to assess the level of correlation and eliminate the possibility of a draw. Although bookmakers often offer high odds for a draw, it rarely occurs. Additionally, refer to the handicap information provided by bookmakers to determine the extent of the handicap difference, which will help you make easier bets on the options.

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    Asian Handicap Odds in World Cup Betting

  • Asian Handicap, also known as the Asian odds or Handicap odds, indicates how many goals the stronger team will give to the weaker team in a specific match. The handicap odds are not fixed and depend on the nature of each match in the World Cup tournament. Bookmakers analyze the matches and provide the handicap value along with the corresponding odds. The basic unit for Asian Handicap odds is 0.25, which represents a quarter goal.

  • Currently, there are various forms of Asian Handicap odds with different options, such as level ball (0), half-ball (0.25), half-goal (0.5), three-quarter goal (0.75), one-goal (1), two-goals (2), three-goals (3), etc. To accurately analyze World Cup odds for Asian Handicap bets, bettors need to gather a lot of information about the upcoming match.

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    The information to be collected includes the teams' strength, their strengths and weaknesses, the coaches, tactics, head-to-head history, injury situations, and more. With these knowledge in hand, bettors can accurately assess which team is the favorite and which team is the underdog, enabling them to make more precise predictions. Moreover, when betting on Asian Handicap odds, you can also apply the following tips:

    • If the underdog team scores first, consider placing a bet on the underdog.

    • If the 1X2 odds show a tendency towards a draw but the Asian Handicap odds increase, consider placing a bet on the home team.

    • If the 1X2 odds remain stable, but the Asian Handicap odds offered by the bookmaker decrease, consider betting on the away team.

    • When the stronger team plays as the away team, choose the underdog team with the lowest handicap, preferably 0.5 goals.

    By following these tips and strategies, you can enhance your World Cup betting experience and make more informed decisions when analyzing the odds for different types of bets. Good luck!

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