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Docosan (Doctors Available), a company based in Ho Chi Minh City, owns the Docosan app that helps patients avoid long waits by allowing them to search and book doctors through its app . On April 13, the company announced it had raised more than $1 million in seed round funding. This is one of the largest seed rounds ever for a Vietnamese healthcare startup. The investment was led by AppWorks, an accelerator and early-stage investor based in Taiwan, with participation from David Ma and Huat Ventures.

Founded in 2020, the Docosan app has been used by about 50,000 patients to make reservations and now has more than 300 individual healthcare providers, from small family pediatric clinics to doctors neurosurgery at major private hospitals, co-founder and CEO Beth Ann Lopez tells TechCrunch. Providers are vetted before being added to the platform and have an average of 18 years of clinical experience.
Lopez said that booking a doctor in advance is not the norm in Vietnam. Instead, users of private healthcare providers must “choose between more than 30,000 private hospitals and clinics spread across hospitals with huge differences in price and quality. This is why people use word of mouth recommendations from their family and friends to choose a healthcare provider. Then they show up at the hospital or clinic and wait in line, sometimes for hours.”

Docosan app users can filter suppliers by criteria such as location and expertise, and view pricing information and verified customer reviews. Docosan recently added online payment features and insurance integration. The company has joined Harvard's Launch Lab X, which also plans to launch telehealth and pharmacy services.

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